Buying Garden Equipment

Is gardening harder than it should be for you? Learn more about why it's important to have newer equipment to garden with.

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Buying Garden Equipment

When my husband and I planted a garden, we realized that we were trying to make do with the same old supplies that we had used for years. Instead of planting flowers easily with hole digger or removing dandelions with a straight weed removal tool, we were trying to save money by using old, rusty, uncomfortable supplies. Fortunately, a friend of ours told us about a great garden store in town that had great prices and a helpful staff. We went, took a tour of the store, and talked with a salesperson about what we needed. Having the right tools made a huge difference. Check out this blog to educate yourself on garden equipment.

Strategies For Designing Your Landscaping

30 August 2019
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Designing your property's landscaping is an important factor in determining the way the property will look as well as the amount of maintenance that it will take. Following sound design principles during the early phases of creating your landscaping can help with balancing these needs. Be Mindful Of Low Areas It is common for yards to have some areas in them that may be fairly low-laying. This can put them at a much greater risk of developing substantial flooding as runoff from the other areas of the property will be likely to gather here. Read More …

How To Add More Color To Your Yard

27 March 2019
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Adding more color to your yard can make it look attractive and stand out. However, this doesn't need to be a hard task or consume a better part of your home improvement budget. There are different types of colors that you can add to your yard. Things like furniture, pots, tiles, garden art, and plants can easily add exquisite color to your yard as well as your entire landscape. Let's look at some ways in which you can add more color to your yard. Read More …

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

9 December 2016
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As anyone who lives in a snowy climate can attest, snow shoveling is hard work. But not everyone knows that it also can be dangerous work. Read on for tips on how to keep the walkway and driveway clear safely. Stay ahead of the storm. Rather than shoveling everything all at once when the storm ends, shovel frequently as the snow falls. Doing a small job frequently is much easier on the body than doing one big job all at once. Read More …

FAQ About Lawn Fertilizer

1 July 2016
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Did you get new turf installed in your lawn and want to make sure it stays healthy? You might want to get into the habit of getting your lawn fertilized, as it can actually be beneficial in more than one way. Take a look at this article to find the answers to some of the questions you might have about lawn fertilizer. How Does Fertilizer Keep Turf Healthy? Fertilizing will keep your turf healthy because it contains various nutrients that are essential for grass to grow. Read More …

Keep Your Garden Healthy With These Plant-Based Fertilizers

6 June 2016
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When you are growing your garden, whether you are trying to get beautiful rose bushes are planting crops, it helps to stay away from chemicals. Traditional fertilizers contain a lot of chemicals that can be poisonous to certain plants as well as any friendly creatures that want to visit your yard. Instead of doing damage to the Earth, try organic fertilizers. There are many plant-based ones that are cost-effective and provide the necessary nutrients to your plants. Read More …